Virtual Reality Interactions and Prototypes

Interaction Design | Prototyping | VR

This is a demo of some VR prototypes done in unreal engine highlighting some interactions in VR. The scenario involves real scale 3D model exploration and assembling which has some applications in 3D CAD. A vr 3D space painter app prototype like a basic version of tilt brush is also built to explore the possiblity of sketching and conceptualising in 3D.

Model Explorer Interface in VR

3D CAD exploration is one of the major use case for VR that comes to one's head. The aim of this project sprint was to come up with a common interface environment where the user can interact and explore with any 3D model data. Common requisite features of a model exploration include rotating and viewing the model, explode the model assembly to view its individual components in the desired perspective, viewing the cut section, visualizing relevant animations and individual part assembly. VR provides a intuitive interface to view a CAD data for any design review. A prototype is built with a jet engine model to validate the concept feasibility. The below video is a demo of the prototype.

Matching and part assembly interaction is done like a parts menu browser in one of the motion controllers. The user can browse the parts and match the right one which is indicated by the pointer blink for assembly. Exploration of the assembly like cut sections, exploded view and animated content (in this case air flow) is also visualized and prototyped to test using htc vive.

The demo video of the model explorer prototype can be seen below from first person view in VR (htc vive).

Coloring and drawing in 3D

How about coloring a 3D environment like a color book? With VR this is possible. This prototype is done to illustrate the possiblity of coloring objects in 3D world space (inside virtual reality). Further features like drawing text, markers (like tilt brush!) were added by building the prototype in Unreal Engine

The first person view VR demo video of the coloring prototype can be seen below (htc vive).