Virtual Interactions in a house - A VR Experience

UX Design | Prototyping | htc vive vr | Vrewery Project

Started as an architectural visualization project, we decided to add interactions to the objects in the vr experience. Interactions like teleport between room spaces, switching on tv, interacting with other objects inside the house giving an immersive experience. A VR prototype is made showcasing interactive elements like sliding a door, pouring tea (using NvidiaFluid sim integration), switching on the TV and flipping over channels as shown. This visualisation project was our earliest prototype that explores the immersion and possibilities within VR.

The demo shown below is the real interaction that is camera captured with green screen backdrop and augmented with the virtual experience recording (by chroma keying).The vr experience is room scale (htc vive) and unreal engine is used to build the prototype.

The complete interactions and demo can be viewed in the below video.