Truck configurator and visualizer in VR

UX Design | Virtual reality | Concept pitch at Vrewery

The brief was to come up with a concept to visualize a truck chassis and its component specifications in 1:1 scale inside VR. The viewer will experience the truck features sitting with a VR headset. Several concepts for the truck configurator and visualizer has been pitched and this is one of the concepts. The main intent is to showcase the technical features of the truck in scale and easy to explore way.

the concept

The content is to be experienced through a portable VR headset sitting on a chair. Gaze and point interaction can be used for highlighting parts and show relevant information. The experience is not set to be room scale, thus involving less viewer movements and a shorter experience.

The proposed experience has the truck components appear and assemble around the viewer giving a sense of which goes where in the the chassis layout highlighting the part name / other specs. Gaze and point interaction lets the viewer explore in his own path and speed.