Reminder App UX

UX Design | Visual Design

Creating an utility app UX for android, where a user can keep a track of his daily needs and requirements. User should be able to quickly access, add and keep a track of the data added by them. Ease of use and prioritising / focussing on important task is the main feature of the app.

Initial UX exploration

Various userflow wireframes are iterated with features from the IA to arrive at the final userflow for both recruiter and job seeker. note taking and task reminder are the two main user story addressed in the below UX exploration.

Issues with Reminder apps

The above concept though might look like it checks most of the user needs for reminder setting and note taking as such, in reality we find many such apps in the play store which we use in our day to day life. The question to ask here is do we actually use such apps regularly punching in our work schedule reminders. Though there is a real need for such an application that allows us to plan our day, the real problem comes with the fact of effectively capturing our work / personal schedules with less effort. One such app that makes it effortless to add task and track is google calendar. Calendar find more use in workplace and adding reminders in it is easier. Though a note taking feature and UX rethink of how the information is organised can make it much better for everyday utility. Below shown is the probable features we find in any to-do list apps.

The issue with most of to-do list and reminder apps is that as user we over-fill it with tasks that we don't even complete or prioritize. This might create a sense of urgency with each task notifications and add to lack of focus on an important task.

Showing the tasks in pipeline and throwing a notification for every task can reduce the focus of the user in current task. To do apps can push you to form a habit of ignoring with too many push notifications and also have high upkeep in terms of entering/maintaining the tasks. Also major portion of the tasks added in To-do apps never gets completed and stay there. So the main problem to solve for is to make the app easier to update tasks and only notify for high priority tasks. Adding tasks should be easier and have less effort. Gratification on task completion can increase engagement.

UI mock

The proposed concept is similar to calendar with addition of priority tasks that allows the user to focus on specific important tasks then with most of the task. In addition easy adding of tasks is made with single tap and type. If date is not added then the task is a note and all priority tasks has a date reminder. Further gamification of task completion is proposed with moving the priority task to done gives a gratification. Stats page shows percentage task completion and all the user can collect badges on reaching certain achievements on task completes.