Jetpack Joyride India Game UX

Games | UX Design at Mechmocha

This is part of my work at Jetpack Joyride India game app at Mechmocha game studio. I was part of the UX team and worked on the shop, tournament and daily reward system user experience. Shownbelow are some of the in-game screenshots of the work.

Shop UX

The in game shop has jetpacks, costumes and vehicles that can be purchased by in-app currency. Players can play the level based platformer and earn coins to buy these virtual items. The shop UI is designed to showcase these items and their value. The jetpack and costume items are shown with relevant animations that showcases the effect on the player avatar on use. The starter pack bundle UI is also designed as shown.

Tournament UX

The game has an endless runner mode in which players can play and see their scores against other players in a leaderboard. Different score challenges were live every week and the top winner in the leaderboard is shown through the tournament UI.

Daily Rewards UX

The daily reward system that gifts the player on everyday login is designed as shown. Further the UX for reward collection system on each level completion in the main menu map has a shuffle selection and pick your reward method to increase engagement.

The game was launched on Android and ios platforms in India and has 5 million installs in the playstore.