Fastnext Web App UX

Client - Fastnext | UX Design | Visual Design

FastNext is a recruitment platform startup which facilitates companies to match and hire relevant talent. Fastnext's proprietary AI algorithm helps companies to search and identify top candidates matching the requisite skillset with higher odds of conversion. The brief is to come up with their web app MVP UI that enables discovery and sorting of probable candidates to hire. The landing page should pitch for what Fastnext offers and asks for login/signup.

Information Architechture (IA)

The recruiter features like search for candidates using fast next algorithm, short list candidates, send them a test were first listed down and information architechture is derived out to categorize the features set. Search, sorting and discovery is given more priority with the langding page emphasising the USP of fastnext before login.

fastnext - IA

User flow Wireframes

Various userflow wireframes are iterated with features from the IA to arrive at the final userflow for both recruiter and job seeker. wireframe concepts

UI Design

Different UI themes are explored with different color themes.

UI explorations

Final UI

Different UI themes are explored with different color themes.

Final UI