Charity Web App UX

UX Design | Visual Design

Design a platform that connects non profit organizations or Charitable Organizations seeking donations, to Donors who wish to donate to non-profits. Research on the current ways in which chrities raise funds and donor aspirations to design a platform that increases trust of donor to donate more. The app should facilitate the discovery of a donation campaign by non profits and knowing more about a campaign. the app should also provide a quick and friction free experience for donating and should have familiarity for ease of use. since most donors don't donate regularly through an app, the proposed app is a web expereince that is responsive to be accessed in mobile. This increases sharing across platforms.


Primary research was conducted with donors who have contributed to charity before. Secondary research of charity operations were done. A charity organisation can raise funds and implement a social campaign in a typical way of campaigning/collecting funds and materials/ packaging and delviery to distribution centers or use online crowdfunding platforms like ketto, Milaap.

Some of the pain points in the fund raising proces for charity organisations are researched out.
- The organisation has to manage collection centers / volunteers to run the material and fund collection drive.
- Sorting, packaging and storing of the donated item requires more volunteer work effort and time. materials donated might not be properly packed increasing effort for the organisation.
- Record keeping and managing of donor contributed items for tracking the contributions is tedious.
- Assessing the quality and usability of material contribution by donors is one more problem.
- In case of material donations by donors there might be mismatch in case of what is most needed in priority and what is donated.
- Material collection and management is one of the prime reasons for organisations to prefer fund donations.

Donor Aspirations

Most of donors in India are small time, irregular charity givers making small contributions motivated by the cause. The following statistics of donor behaviour from CAF India report is studied.

Some of the donor expectations when they are donating for a cause are listed below as per primary research.
- Clear picture of the situation / cause
- Relatable story that motivated the donor
- How your solution works, costs, who’s benefitting and time frame of the project
- Trust worthiness of the charity organisation
- Ease of payment / receipt
- Tangible impact of our contribution
- An inexpensive little incentive can encourage your donor to spread the word for you! (like a social media shout out)
- Regular updates on your progress can increase trust with donor for future donations
- Influencer acknowledgement can increase trust worthiness of a cause (for ex. Humans of Bombay often puts up Instagram stories and posts about causes and fundraisers which makes more contributions)

Design Scope

The Design has to address primarily the donor experience of easily discovering a donation campaign by non profits and knowing more about a campaign. the app should provide a quick and friction free experience for donating and should have familiarity for ease of use. Hence a platform in which the donors fund the required items for the campaign as posted by charity organisation and the item is shipped to the organisation through a retail platform like flipkart makes sense. This raises the trust of the donor on the campaign as he is donating for a tangible need based donation and knows where his contribution is exactly going in the campaign. The donor is buying the item and giving it toe the charity organisation for distribution. Familiarity off buying the e-commerce is one way to put together the platform UX.

UX process

The necessary feature list is dervied and prioritized to give the information architecture as per the above research. Since its a responsive web app the wireframes are done as per the information architecture for mobile first and then the web wireframes are derived out.

Final UI