Exterior design of an Intercity Bus

Product Design | Design Internship at Design Factory India

This is my intern project at Design Factory India, Noida. The brief was to come up with the exterior design of intercity luxury bus for the client JCBL considering the regulations. The design should build a brand identity for JCBL bus.Also interior layout and seat design for the bus were explored.

Form Explorations

Exterior form exploration sketches were done before zeroing in on the concept directions and final design. The TATA 6200 bus chassis layout is considered for the design. A moodboard is derived from the brand directions that define the bus - Jazzy / Subtle and elegant / Futuristic. Based on these keywords, concept ideation and preliminary sketched were done. From these concepts certain design elements where chosen and the design directions were freezed. The exterior concept as shown is picked up and the following design directions are chosen
- use of layered surfaces and breakaway from the flat front
- need for jazziness in the design - should break the boxy feel of the bus
- should also be elegant which signifies luxury

The final design was chosen by brainstorming on the exterior concepts and which concept goes with the keywords of Jazzy, elegant and futuristic. It is important to note that though the design should be flashy, it should convey the jazziness in a subtle way (as the design shoulld be elegant also to convey luxury). Hence the proposed designs were rated on these three factors to chose the final concept. Further interior driver cabin layout exploration is done accomadating the necessary packaging and ergonomics.