Virtual Reality Shopping

VR Prototype

Vrewery Project

This is a design prototype for exploring how virtual reality can enhance online shopping experience of the user. The project explores how a 3D space can represent user's shopping cart, the bought items by the user and the shopping arena. By visualizing the product in 3D and real scale, the user can see the actual size, fit and finish of the product and can explore their features in an intutive way. A typical example shown is shopping clothes, accessories like shoes and watches inside VR where the user can try them on a mannequin. Also the bought history page can have a virtual version of the product which the user can interact to know about its features, future upgrades and maintainance.

A prototype of the VR shopping concept with the home scenehaving the user's collections, new products/launches/offers and the shopping scene is built.

The virtual shopper can try out the clothes on a sized mannequin and compare too.

see the demo video below for the user interactions showing the shopping environment along with the user's shopping cart and bought item list space.